Ford Telematics

How it Works

Your vehicles produce a wealth of data that, with the right tools, can help your manage your fleet operation more effectively. With its intuitive interface, Ford Telematics lets you monitor your vehicles and understand where they go, how they’re used and how they’re running.

What We Offer

GPS Tracking and Geofencing

Live GPS fleet tracking data is presented on a clear, customizable map so you always know where your vehicles are and which driver is closest to the next call. And a detailed location history shows records of driver movements and behaviors, helping you to audit their routes and optimize their performance.

Geofencing allows you to program the system to monitor whenever your vehicles enter or leave predefined areas. This helps you to optimize routes to avoid additional expenses where possible.

Vehicle Health Data

Keep your fleet moving with vehicle health data. From manufacturer diagnostic codes with suggested actions and recall information, to customized maintenance schedules based on oil life, engine hours, time and mileage.

You’ll also be able to see accurate, real-time odometer readings for each of your vehicles. The data lets you plan more effectively, minimize downtime, and extend the life of your fleet.

Know your fleet. Know your business.

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