Ford Protect

When you decide to purchase or lease your vehicle at Tri County Ford, you want the peace of mind that your purchase is protected for the road ahead. Having a Ford Extended Service Plan (ESP) helps to protect you against unexpected repair bills, thanks to the additional coverage of many vehicle components.

Expert service by Ford-Trained Technicians using Ford-approved parts for superior fit, finish, and performance.
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Ford Protect plans are the only plans in Canada 100% backed by Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited.
Participating Ford Dealers can provide expert service for your vehicle in Canada and the United States.
Coverage for Ford Protect Plans is transferrable, which could help with the resale value of your vehicle.

Which Ford Protection Plan Is Right For You?


The easiest choice for the ultimate plan includes all BaseCare, ExtraCare, and PremiumCare components plus increased first day rental vehicle coverage, 0 deductible and LED/HID lamp and headlamps.


Includes all BaseCare and ExtraCare components, plus a more complete list of high-tech parts, emissions, audio, and safety components.


Includes all BaseCare components, plus select high-tech parts, including cruise control and power windows.


Includes select engine, transmission, and drive-train parts, plus select steering, suspension, brake, electrical, and air-conditioning components.


Coverage to keep you on the road – includes select engine, transmission, and drive-train parts.


A custom plan for Ford vehicles with select Power Stroke Diesel engines.